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...coming to a dorm near you!

In our efforts to create the best possible environment for our residential offerings we are sponsoring a dorm refit—DORM 225 (Down East and Down Central - meaning the lower eastern and central wings of Dorm 225). Thank you to all who graciously adopted a last summer.

YES! We need your HELP to expand and improve the dorm once again. Workshop participants that have stayed in the dorm continue to be WOWed by the uniqueness and comfort each adopted room provides.

There are 4 rooms that need adoptees. All rooms need a twin comforter and some rooms have two twins, some rooms have a double bed and a twin bed. So Sam I AM... you can do this in a rush, you can do this without fuss, please oh please may we say... let's make this place a nice place to stay! Your love is needed and you can make this a great place for Madrona's workshop and teacher training guests.

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Calling all hearts and hands to ADOPT A ROOM

New and used items accepted... they need to be in good condition—so look in your closets or go to the yard sales... because great items are to be found and treasured.

Dorm 225 is the last building on the left prior to heading down toward the PT Marine Science Center. (A map will be posted on Madrona's front door—just in case). Madrona plans to add a name placard honoring each adoptee.

  • 4 Rooms available to adopt:
  • 2 rooms have two twin beds which will need a bedspread and bed skirt. Embellishments would include adding a throw rug for in front of bed(s), a nightstand light and pictures. Oh and maybe a accent pillow for bed(s).
  • 2 rooms have one twin and one double bed which need a bedspread and bed skirt plus all or some of the embellishments listed above.

Thank you to all who adopted a room and participated last time in the blossoming event:
Mary Brutger, Nancy Van Allen, Nancy Schum, Joyce Fell, Maggie Coalson, Susan Isserman, Kris Mayer, Laura McKimLynn Gifford, Molly Gilmore, Diana Honeycutt.

  • 90/91 - Aletia & Allison
  • 92 - Shelly & Bill Dey

Building 225 Lower floor, Central Wing

  • 21 - Mary Jo Nichols & Rima Phillips & Nancy Alvarez
  • 23 - Mary Jo Nichols & Rima Phillips & Nancy Alvarez
  • 24 - Aletia Alvarez & O'Neil Lourchard
  • 25 - Zorina Wolf & Terry Craven
  • 26 - Ashera and Joe
  • 27 - Jane Champion
  • 28 - Suzanne Cunliffe
  • 29 - Diana Honeycut & Connie Attwood
  • 30 - Lynn Gifford
  • 31 - Wendie Dyson
  • 32 - Nancy Alvarez & Suzanne Cunliff
  • 33 - Karen Crouse & Maureen Huff
  • 34 - Leticia Huber & Anita Sáinz

Additional Donated Items received from: O'Neil Louchard, Leticia Huber, Wendie Dyson, Diana Honeycut and.... always updating the list.