Awareness through Movement (ATM)

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Awareness Through Movement® Feldenkrais classes (ATM), facilitated by Ingrid Musson, are a learning process, that invite a person to explore how they move and function in the world. The one-hour session consists of verbally directed movement sequences which students are encouraged to explore within their own capacities and comfort range. The last few minutes are spent explaining how the movements can be incorporated into daily life and students may give feedback of their experience if they wish. Each lesson is complete in itself so you can join in at any time—see below for the monthly theme.

Wednesday 5:15-6:15 p.m. 

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The theme for March will be:

Connect Your Head to Your Feet

At times we move through life, not sensing ourselves physically or we may feel ungrounded. Certain body parts may feel disconnected due to old injuries or trauma.

In March you will be exploring ways to improve your body map, connect all parts of yourself and learn how you move through the world.

Postures/Emotions While You Walk

Stand and slump a little, then walk around maintaining that posture. Notice how you feel. Then stand very erect with your chest stuck up and walk, paying attention to how you feel again. You can also pretend to be happy, sad, sick, proud, while walking and notice how your movements change.

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