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Awareness through Movement (ATM)

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Give your body a treat by joining an ATM class

Awareness Through Movement® Feldenkrais classes (ATM), facilitated by Ingrid Musson, are a learning process, that invite a person to explore how they move and function in the world. The one-hour session consists of verbally directed movement sequences which students are encouraged to explore within their own capacities and comfort range. The last few minutes are spent explaining how the movements can be incorporated into daily life and students may give feedback of their experience if they wish. Each lesson is complete in itself so you can join in at any time—see below for the monthly theme.

Wednesdays 5:15-6:15 p.m. 

The theme for October will be:



 Exploring Asymmetrical Habits

Examples would be always reaching for something using the same arm or having more weight through one sit bone. Ingrid Musson will be teaching the first 2 classes and then Katherine will take over the next 3 lessons. 


Katherine Wieseman will expand on the theme and add:

How curious are you to investigate your personalized asymmetry? Curious enough that you make your way to the Madrona MindBody Center for the weeks I am substituting for Ingrid?

How sensitive are you in noticing your first moment(s)? What can the first moment teach you about the rest of the movement pattern? The classes I will be teaching during Ingrid's absence will awaken and expand your early detection system so you are better positioned to self-correct and transform. Oct. 19, 26, and  Nov. 2 Katherine Wieseman will be teaching for Ingrid.

Drop-in or use your class card 



Notice how you wring a cloth out. wring it the other way.
Brush your teeth with your other hand.
How do the actions compare?

Feldenkrais work is a way of life.
The more you do, the better understanding you'll have,
of how you function in life, which is very empowering.  

For more inquires, please call Ingrid Musson at 360 379 1373

or email: