Awareness through Movement (ATM)

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Awareness Through Movement® Feldenkrais classes (ATM), facilitated by Ingrid Musson, are a learning process, that invite a person to explore how they move and function in the world. The one-hour session consists of verbally directed movement sequences which students are encouraged to explore within their own capacities and comfort range. The last few minutes are spent explaining how the movements can be incorporated into daily life and students may give feedback of their experience if they wish. Each lesson is complete in itself so you can join in at any time—see below for the monthly theme.

Wednesday 5:15-6:15 p.m. Drop-in or use your class card

he Awareness Through Movement class theme for April is:
Help Your Low Back and Hamstrings

 Tight hamstrings can be an issue for your back, but the opposite can also be true ---that the hamstrings are tight because the low back is restricted and arched too much. They are very closely connected. Learn how to lengthen the back and hamstrings in a gentle, respectful way. Quick, easy to use self help techniques will also be learned.

Help Your Hamstrings

Test your hamstrings by bending down towards toes with knees straight and notice how far you can go. Bend knees and uncurl to come back up.Sit in a chair and strum your calf muscles and hamstrings, right hand going right and left going to the left. Do this many times. Re test your hamstrings to see if it has helped.

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